Once you have decided to set up a business in Australia, it is crucial to get advice about the best way to do so, taking your own circumstances and plans into account, in order to understand the legal, financial and tax implications, identify any related risks and avoid potential problems and liabilities.

They are many resources available on the Internet that seem reliable and exhaustive enough to be followed without the need to get professional advice. However, based on our experience trying to undo mistakes made at the creation stage, we know that cutting corners to save costs at the beginning is likely to lead to issues in the future, which will invariably be more costly to solve or simply impossible to solve at the time.

We can assist you in all stages of the setting up of your business from the selection of the legal vehicle you will use to pursue your activities to the completion of the registration process. Whether you wish to do business as a sole trader in your own name, through an unincorporated partnership or joint venture or via an incorporated legal entity, we can provide you with the right advice from the start and guide you through the relevant process.

We recognise the fact that there are many costs involved when setting up a business in Australia. With this in mind, we have tailored our fee package to offer a low, fixed and all-inclusive fee covering all the steps required to register an entity in Australia.

See What to set up and how  for more details and Contact Us to talk to us about your venture.

Company registration form for you to download, fill out and return to us :

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