It is important to ensure that you have all licenses, authorisations and permits required to carry on your business activities in Australia.

These can be related to food preparation, handling and sale or to the manufacturing and sale of motor vehicles and parts. The sale of certain products is regulated and only permitted to the holder of licenses (e.g., alcohol). A license may also be required from the product manufacturer or owner if you are reselling or sub-licensing the product in Australia.

When you intend to carry out repairs and/or renovations and install new fit-outs in leased premises, it will be necessary to obtain the required authorisations from the local council. Such authorisations are sometimes difficult to obtain and it is important to get the right advice from the start to avoid delays and problems. Many parties are usually involved in these projects, including the local council staff, independent experts, the architect, builder and other suppliers engaged to work on the project, the landlord and other tenants, and the relationships with each of them need to be properly managed.

Finally, you may be in the business of granting licenses to resellers or customers to use your products and, if you intend to carry on this activity in Australia, you will need to ensure that your rights (including without limitation your intellectual property rights) are protected by a written agreement signed with your resellers or customers.

We can assist you in relation to any license, authorisation or permit you may need to obtain or put in place in order to carry out your business activities in Australia.