Should you decide to employ local staff or transfer foreign staff to Australia to develop your business, you will need to understand your rights and obligations as an employer and the rights and obligations of your employees. Having an understanding of the differences between Australia and the country you are coming from will also be a great asset when you will need to recruit and manage your personnel.

This is an area where there are many laws and regulations, as well as a vast amount of caselaw, dictating what an employer can and cannot do. Useful information is available from the Fair Work Australia website. Obtaining legal advice at the right time will help you ensure that your staff is bound by valid employment contracts incorporating all the required protections and restrictions.

Litigation is frequent in relation to employment matters and there are many ways in which an employee can take action against his employer. It is therefore important for a new employer of staff in Australia to be mindful of the risks and seek professional assistance early on.

We can assist you in putting the right employment contract in place and ensure that you get specialist advice in relation to immigration and tax matters that may affect your recruitment plans.

Please follow the link to Fair Work for more information.